Being sure that key operations within your company are performed with the same high standards each and every time is a concern of all executives. This is the basis of a good quality management program within any organization. This is especially difficult to manage when key tasks are manual ones.

LDT has particular expertise in development of solid controlled process methodologies. Through the process of reviewing your organization’s activities and focusing on the possible points of "critical failure" LDT can develop systems which may minimize or eliminate these "failure points" and enhance the overall quality of your products or services.

By using this controlled process mentality we can assist in developing higher standards of practice and greater organizational efficiencies. These higher levels of practice need not add laborious steps for staff or exorbitant cost for the organization. Our reviews and assessments can focus some of the following areas:

  • Compounding methodologies and documents
  • Manufacturing processes and documents
  • Labeling & Packaging processes
  • Label standards
  • TALL-man lettering & recommendations
  • Bar-coding recommendations ("1-d" and "2-d" formats)